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“Best DALOY Experience: A Photography Contest”


Every Filipino in Japan, is invited to join the Photography Contest sponsored by Daloy Kayumanggi (DK). Open to both amateur and professional photographers, contestants may use any type of camera as long as his/her entry follows the rules and mechanics of the Contest.

Old and new photos are allowed as long as these photos are owned by the contestant. Photos that are submitted to other contests, re-entered in another contest, or published in any form will not be allowed.

All contestants are given two (2) weeks to submit his/her photo entry. DK will be accepting photo entries from 3 July 2014 to July 25, 2014 only. Late submission/s will not be entertained.

All entries should depict, depending on the contestant's translation, the theme of the contest:  “Best DALOY Experience.”

The detailed Contest rules and mechanics are downloadable via:

1. The Daloy Kayumanggi website:;

2. Daloy Kayumanggi;

For any other inquiry, please contact us thru email at

Rules and Mechanics of the Contest:

1. All Filipino amateur and professional photographers may join the contest. Those who want to join must send their name, address and contact information thru email.  Identification may be requested if later declared a winner.

2. Photographs must depict the theme of the contest, Best DALOY Experience

3. One photo is equal to one entry to the contest.

4. A contestant can submit three (3) entries for the duration of the contest. Entries exceeding the maximum number will not be accepted. 

5. Each entry should have a corresponding one-liner caption that would not exceed fifteen (15) words. The caption should best describe the entry and can be used to market the picture.

6. Depending on the artistry of the contestant, an entry can be in full color or in black and white only.

7. All entries should be unedited.  Basic manipulation such as contrast adjustment, minimal color-balancing, sharpening, and/or cropping is not allowed.

Identifying marks such as date stamp, copyright, watermark, signatures, or frames on the photo are not allowed and will be disqualified from the contest.

9. All entries must be in digital format, should include the name, address and contact details and emailed to Entries should be saved in JPEG and hi-resolution format. Captions should be saved in Notepad (.txt) or Word (.doc) format.  File name should follow the following formats:


                        Photograph: <firstname> <lastname> photo.jpg

                                                           sample: Juan Dela Cruz.jpg

                        Caption: <firstname> <lastname> caption <photo entry number> of <total entries>.txt

                                                           sample: Juan Dela Cruz.txt


             Entries that do not follow the specified format will automatically be disqualified.

10.  Submission of entries will be from 3 July 2014 to July 25, 2014 (11:59 PM Japan time) only. Entries submitted before or after the specified date/time will not be accepted to the contest.  No grace period shall be given to the participants.

11.  All entries submitted should be an original photograph taken by the contestant.

12.  It is the contestant's responsibility to acquire permission, if needed, for/from his/her photo/subject.

13.  Entries must not be entered, re-entered in any other contest. Likewise, entries must not be and/or have not been published in any form. 14.  There will be no limit in entries to be shortlisted. Winners will be judged according to the number of likes in Facebook. The voting period will last for sixteen (16) days from July 26, 2014 at 12:00 NN to August 10, 2014 at 11:59 PM (Japan time). 

15.  Contest winners will be announced on August 17, 2014 and winning entries will be uploaded at the official DK website and DK Facebook group page. Prizes may be claimed at the DK Tokyo office till the 31st of August, 2014 during its office hours or can be sent to them via postal service for free.  Thereafter, unclaimed prize/s revert ownership to DK.


                        Grand Prize                          Huawei GS-03 or Panasonic P-01D

One (1) year subscription of Daloy Kayumanggi

+ give aways


                        1st Runner Up                        10 pcs NTT Kawaii Card

One (1) year subscription of Daloy Kayumanggi

+ give aways

                        2nd Runner Up                       5 pcs NTT Kawaii Card

One (1) year subscription of Daloy Kayumanggi

+ give aways

16.  Copyright of the photo/s remain/s with the contestant.  Nonetheless, by participating in the contest, the contestant shares his copyright with Daloy Kayumanggi and will be used by the newspaper in its existing and future projects, either in print, online, or other medium.

17.  Daloy Kayumanggi reserves the right to modify the mechanics and contest rules as  applicable to be announced only as deemed necessary from date hereof and cannot be contested as the change/s, if any, shall be considered in full force and effect.

18.  Daloy Kayumanggi’s decision is final and irrevocable.

Disclaimer: The Contest & Screening Committee of DK reserve the right to disqualify any of the entries submitted noted/deemed not fit/appropriate to the theme and/or violating any of the herein specified Rules and Mechanics as hereby issued, final and binding in its full context and form, and cannot thus, be questioned/altered by any of the participating contestants soon as this Photography Contest is launched on/announced on July 3, 2014.