Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe

Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe

ni: Aries Lucea

My family went to Taiwan for the holidays. When traveling with toddlers, it is best to take turns on sights or activities to enjoy that is fun for them, and then they will give you the peace and quiet time you deserve to enjoy the activities that you plan for yourself.

I was vigorously searching for months before our planned trip to Taiwan, places where my kiddies would enjoy. Hello Kitty Café came up. My daughter is a huge fan of Kitty chan, and I am sure that by dining at this restaurant, I can hit up all the city’s points of interests with little complaining from her. Of course some travelers will question the logic of visiting a Hello Kitty Café when loads of other activities to be done abound. Well I do too, but traveling with kids doesn’t really follow the norms. I’m sure parents who tour Egypt will try to squeeze in a trip to the amusement park if they have one, right somewhere between seeing the pyramids and tea time along the River Nile.

My expectation on the quality of food at this theme restaurant was quite low so I am really surprised that it actually tasted really good. The attention to details would surely leave

fans in a state of awe. Regular diners too would secretly admire the kawaii (cuteness) factor of this establishment. I for one enjoyed posting photos of it on my Facebook account, knowing a lot of my female relatives, friends and acquaintances are drooling over it.

Taiwan is a very cheap travel destination coming from Japan. And in this love month, dining at Hello Kitty Café would surely enchant that special lady in your life. Although I must warn you not to visit without reservation, as it is a very popular sight. Also, there is a minimum spending of 300 NTD (New Taiwan Dollar) for each patron. So that would be around 1,000 yen which is actually very expensive considering how cheap food in Taipei can be. The minimum would only buy you a cake set. A full meal menu would cost you more than 500 NTD. Well, Hello Kitty is one sophisticated and lavish Japanese feline so you get to pay up for hanging out at her place. The bun used for the burger is really awesome, and you get a bite out of Kitty chan’s face.

For reservation please call 02-2711-1132. A lot of their staff can speak English. I will be writing more about our memorable Taiwan trip next month.